DIY Page

This is a page where you will see items that I made over the years. Some of these are simple to make and other are more difficult. These are mostly Halloween props, but there are some other items in there as well

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Garden Page

From the Ground Up!

A gardening page that has Fred's take on how to achieve a successful harvest from your own back-yard

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Halloween Page

A Nightmare on Fred's Street!

This is a Halloween page that shows some old "tricks" and has some DIY items that you can make for your own porch/yard.

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FREDSBOOT is a site to let you know what is going on in Fred's world. You will find all types of interesting topics. Click a menu item and go there!

FRED FACTS: You will find information in this site that is referenced by "Fred Facts". That just refers to what I consider to be facts - DON'T QUOTE ME ON IT!!!